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In recent years we have entered the Wharfedale Festival and have won the following awards, not to mention numerous runners up and other nominations for our performances…


Spirit of Theatre


This highly commended award went to Dougie Brennan in recognition for his hard work, craftsmanship and creativity as our lead set builder over the past 20 years in 2017 


The School for Scandal, 2019


Best Production

2004 The Noble Spaniard, 2005 Of Mice and Men, 2006 Hotel Paradiso, 2009 Journey’s End, 2010 Christmas Carol, 2012 The Happy Apple, 2017 Rope, 2019 The School for Scandal


Best Director

Dave Robbins for Dealer’s Choice, 2003; the Noble Spaniard, 2004; Hotel Paradiso, 2006; Journey’s End, 2009; No Sex, Please, We're British, 2017; The School for Scandal, 2019


Molly Lythe for Of Mice and Men, 2005


Dick Porter and Liz Sargeant for Christmas Carol 2010


Alacoque Marvin for Rope 2017


Best Actor

2003 – Dave Dodd, Dealer’s Choice; 2004 – Greg Adams, Noble Spaniard, 2010, Christmas Carol; 2013 – Peter Oxtoby, A Doll’s House


Best Supporting Actor

2004 Alacoque Marvin, The Noble Spaniard; 2005 Dave Dodd, Of Mice and Men; 2006 Dick Porter, Hotel Paradiso; 2008 Lindsay Roscoe, Abigail’s Party; 2009 Peter Oxtoby, Journey’s End; 2012 Hannah Gosney, Happy Apple; 2017 Sam McKay, No Sex, Please, We're British; 2017 Angela Lambert, Rope; 2017 Paul Cullingford, Rope


Best Comedy Performance

2004 Chris Robbins, The Noble Spaniard


Best Cameo Performance

2009 Greg Adams, Journey’s End


Best Stage Presentation

2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 Dougie Brennan & Dick Porter; 2013 Paul Cullingford; 2017 Dougie Brennan


Best Newcomer

2008 Kerrie Milner for her Directorial debut, Abigail’s Party


Best Musical Director

2008 Dick Porter for Dick Whittington


Best Dame in a Pantomime

2008 Tim Hulse

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