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Fulneck Dramatic Society (FDS) is a multi-award winning theatre group that is well known and respected within the area of Pudsey, West Yorkshire and beyond.


Founded in 1924 under the name Fulneck Amateur Operatic Society, the group was known for there very successful operettas and plays right up until 1951 when the group re-organised to become Fulneck Dramatic Society. FDS has continued throughout the decades to produce plays from all genres including comedies, farces, classics, tragedies, and the occasional pantomime just to name a few. We design and build all of our own sets and we are also the only amateur theatre society still in existence in West Leeds.

FDS produce three plays per season (Autumn to late Spring) at our home on the hill, the Comenius Arts Centre, surrounded by the picturesque backdrop of the Tong Valley and the beautiful historical settlement of Fulneck. Performing either 'end on' or 'in the round', our little theatre is intimate and is a real hidden gem. Most of our members say that the Fulneck theatre has a really special atmosphere and love to return to perform again and again.

We have a strong core of members and very supportive patrons who are extremely loyal and long serving to the society but new members and patrons, young or old, will be most welcome. Whether you fancy having a go on stage as a performer, enjoy the whirlwind of a backstage role, or even supporting our group through being a Fulneck patron, you are always needed so please get in touch. Some of our members that have started with us from a young age have gone on to train in theatre at a professional level. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming and inclusive group to people of all ages and experience in the theatre world and run open play readings rather than the pressures of auditions to everyone who wants to get involved.

If you would like more information about the society or want to join us then please do drop us a message on our Facebook page ( and we will be in touch.




President - Dougie Brennan

Chair - David Robbins

Secretary - Dominic Adams

Treasurer - Elizabeth Sargeant

Patron Secretary - Christine Robbins

Others - Barbara Badland, Tom Booth, Angela Lambert, Ruth Freestone, Paul Clarke

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